It’s been a while since we reported on our website, most was reported thru Facebook. From now on we will publish our yearly activity reports on the front page of the site. Below is the report on 2023.

The foundation, founded in 2006, has to date focused on activities on the island of Jinack, in The Gambia in West Africa.
The foundation’s projects were successively: delivery of a Toyota Landcruiser ambulance in 2008; a full clinic in 2009. From 2010, school buildings, including all furniture and a bantaba.
Now in 2023, more than twenty teachers are working, all of whom live in a newly completed apartment- building or locally.
From 2017 delivery of school materials: textbooks for all 12 classes and tools for the subjects Agriculture, Science and Home Science, now full cycle Senior Secondary Education.

The school was recognized in 2018 by the WAEC, the West African Examination Council, we are now also taking final exams on Jinack.
Over time, additional bookcases, work tables and stools, mesh material for the fence and seed for the school garden were also supplied and the entire electrical installation of the teachers-house was replaced; with 8-solar panels, adequate batteries and peripherals.
In 2019, a double water tower was installed and water pipe was laid, so that now the teacher building is also provided with running water in addition to the school garden.
A renovation project of the Jinack Community Clinic was also carried out in 2019; the roof was completely renewed and the solar batteries were replaced.
In 2019, Family projects were started; targeted support for medical help, school fees and nutrition for chosen families/compounds. on the mainland, speeded up in the Covid-period. 

In 2021, the Office-House was delivered on the mainland.
It consists of office space; storage and archive for the local sister foundation Kutejumbulu/2BaB Foundation and additional bedrooms for (Jinack) students who need shelter when studying on the mainland. It is inhabited and managed by the secretary of the sister foundation.
From the end of 2022, research into the possibilities of three new projects was started: food aid for malnourished children, pregnant women and the elderly, through the clinic on Jinack; the realization of Jinack’s connection to the water network from the mainland and the foundation of a public technical school on Jinack. A lot has been invested in this; except help with food aid, with little result.

However, the population has come into action, through islanders living in Europe. Money has been raised and together the inhabitants have succeeded to have a primitive water system installed from the mainland, to Jinack.

Dit project wordt (en werd) uitgevoerd met medewerking van de Nationale Commissie voor Internationale Samenwerking en Duurzame Ontwikkeling; De NCDO, Wilde Ganzen, ASN Foundation en vele andere stichtingen, bedrijven, organisaties en particulieren.