The Gambia is one of the poorest developing countries, reason for our focussed attention on the island Jinack, The Gambia.

With a minimum of basic facilities in this mostly agrarian country with 2.2 million inhabitants,  living conditions are hard: drinking water comes from wells, people live in adobe houses and many sleep on the floor, especially in the rural areas.

According to the United Nations Development Programme report (UNDP/2020) The Gambia is among the countries that rank lowest on the Human Development Index. Of the 189 countries on the list The Gambia ranks 172, just above Ethiopia l. It is also among the poorest countries. On the list of Child mortality rate the country occupies the 7th place! The  BBP/Capita figure is 778USD!.

For more information about The Gambia, check the CIA worldfactbook.


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