Completion schoolproject  2019

We reported numerous articles about this project in the past, which project we now closed Books for English, Mathematics, Social Environment for all Lower and Upper Basic classes; and West African Exam Counsil material & studybooks for Senior Secondary Education. Beside the above mentioned booktitels, also those on Integrated Studies, Agriculture and Science.

Furthermore we delivered equipment and chemicals for Science and brought and installed 4 gasstoves and 2 ovens and all possible utensils for Home Science.  A fridge and electrical connection to the clinic, completed this all.
Thus the kids are equipt for their future learning.

After some  deliveries the last couple of months, now every child in our school has every schoolbook, for every subject, for all 12 grades.
Also extra furniture, 15 high tables and matching chairs for Food&Nutrition , extra cupboards,  sport materials, barbed wire and seeds for the school garden were brought this year.

Then an important task was picked up, installed  and delivered : the old teachers-house electrical installation (if you can call it such – look at the pics ) was taken out and totally renewed; also our bantaba, was supplied with light .

End of May and June 2019 a third year group of students of Graafschap College in Doetinchem were  ready to step up for Jinack.
After their previous assistance with school-renovation and ambulance carport building, these four aimed to supply the teachers house and school kitchen with a running water installation.
These four, including two young female future professionals, planned, organised and realized  the total solar water installation from zero. Assisted by their tutor Bart and of course Maarten of Foundation to Build.

Girls of Jinack, pay attention: any technical job can be done by you too, at least as well as any guy!! Our Dutch students showed you.
The Ladies of Kutehjumbulu also gave you the right example; helping with digging and masonry tasks!

With this last projects; the school project, at least for the time being, is finished. It was a long and sometimes tiring road but very satisfying, now it is ready.

This project is (and was) carried out with the cooperation of the National Commission for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development; The NCDO, Wilde Ganzen, ASN Foundation and many other foundations, businesses, organizations and individuals.